Qualicom Innovations (Asia) Limited
Company Background

Qualicom Canada has been at the forefront of I.T. consulting, software development, and systems integration since 1998. Seeing the vast opportunities in Hong Kong and China, a number of key staff of Qualicom Canada decided to form an independent company Qualicom Asia at Hong Kong in 2005. The new company experienced fast growth and established its own subsidiary at Guangzhou in 2010.

Qualicom develops and implements total solutions for some of the best-known corporations in Hong Kong, North America and China. We have worked with state-owned and public enterprises in various sectors including finance, telecommunications, retail, air transport, public utilities, healthcare, food service and non-profit. Built on the principles of quality, integrity and sustainability, Qualicom takes pride in producing creative solutions on time and within budget. In addition, we have established partnerships with some of the most prominent software companies to provide value-added I.T. services for local enterprises.

Founded by four partners, within two years Qualicom Canada was up to 20 employees and was cited as "One of Canada's Top 50 Start-Ups" by PROFIT Magazine. Repeating the success, Qualicom Asia has experienced similar growth to 30 employees in first 4 years and won recognition in writings from major corporate clients. Today, Qualicom Asia still maintains a close work relation with Qualicom Canada and the 200 I.T. professionals in the three offices at Toronto, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China would continue to work together for greater success in future.


To become a leading IT company which integrates technologies and innovations into business to create high values. 


Our mission is to place your company on the fast track to success by providing timely, cost-effective, and state-of-the-art business and technology systems with our global background and local experiences.

Core Values


Faith is about more than religion. With faith, people can overcome adversities and successfully take on seemingly insurmountable challenges. We at Qualicom have faith in a better tomorrow using various technologies. We have faith in our clients and enter each engagement on the basis that we will develop a mutually respectful and rewarding partnership. Working together, we can overcome the challenges you are facing, reinforcing your faith in working with us for a better tomorrow.


We have a history of demonstrating loyalty to our clients, our partners, our staff, and our values. We work with you as a team through success as well as adversity in order to further your goals and promote successful outcomes. We act in the best interests of our clients, as we would with our friends. Together with faith and integrity, this is how we operate our business.



Our business is built on integrity. We strive to make the right decisions according to our values, to provide unbiased advice to our clients, and to operate in a manner that is beneficial for society in general. This is not always the easiest path, but we believe that the long term value in maintaining integrity over expedient short cuts is worth it. We value integrity highly in our staff and our partners. We respect the intellectual property rights of the technology we use and we operate in accordance with the spirit, not just the letter, of the contracts we sign.