Qualicom Innovations (Asia) Limited

Your Business Vision

Mature Stage

How do I prepare for economic change?

How can I innovate further?

Do I need to upgrade my systems to embrace change?

Can business process re-engineering help solve my bottlenecks?

Expansion Stage

What collaboration options can help generate synergy for my business?

How can I maximize the productivity  of my workforce?

How can I improve my supply chain management?

How can I enhance our internal and external communications?

Growth Stage

How are my competitors using IT to get an edge?

How can I monitor my sales and expenses?

How can I consolidate the data across my systems?

How can I turn that raw data into useful information through real-time reports?

Start-Up Stage

As an SME, how can I form my competitive edges?

Development Stage

Is there any cost- effective systems that help me run my business?

Our IT solutions

Enterprise Consulting

Qualicom Innovations is a full-spectrum consulting company with expertise across the software development lifecycle.We believe outstanding systems can be built only after comprehensive understanding of your business model and your users' needs.


The Qualicom advantage:

  • We can work as part of your team, adapting to your methodology.
  • We can act in an advisory capacity in areas such as business process re-engineering, application architecture, content analysis, usability, and more.

Our Capability:

  • We have developed integrated large-scale systems for some of the best-known corporations in Hong Kong and North America.
  • We can work with small-to-medium businesses to implement mobile web apps and content management front-ends that bring new life to legacy applications and data.

Radical IT Solutions

Business Process Re-engineering

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) helps you improve performance and cut costs, as well as to strategically position your organization to achieve your long-term goals through redesign, innovation and the enabling power of modern technology.

Successful BPR can result in:

  • Radical improvement, not just incremental changes.
  • Reduced operating expenses, increased employee productivity, shortened lead time, and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Getting a jump on the competition.

Systems Integration

We can help you integrate the applications in all your departments into an efficient and unified system.

Benefits to you:

  • Enhanced information sharing and communication among your clients, suppliers, and internal departments.
  • Improved efficiency for your employees.

 What we do:

  • Systems integration through enterprise middleware
  • Multi-tiered implementations
  • Development and deployment of back-office solutions
  • Web enabling of legacy applications
  • Database migration


Qualicom consultants have extensively experienced in BPR. For more information on how we can assist you, we'd be delighted to talk to you.