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Website Design

Who is the best salesperson in your company? Sales Manager? Probably. But in Qualicom Codesweb, we create a website for you which could possibly be your best salesperson.

As a technology company, we offer quality one-stop web design, SEM (SEO, PPC), hosting and maintenance service to you based on our technology strengths. The ultimate goal is to help our clients drive more business through websites.

Codesweb Design

Our web design brand, Codesweb, integrates the most-updated web functions in our web design. In Codesweb, we dedicate to creating better CIC (Communication, Interaction and Conversion), Security, and Corporate Image in websites for you.

Codesweb Design Packages

Codesweb Packages (Company Website)

3 custom web design packages help you save money! 

Packages Pages Price (HKD) Perfectly Fits
Standard Up to 15 $28,200 up SMEs
Professional Up to 25 $43,700 up Expanding SMEs
Powerful Up to 35 $56,800 up Mature Firms

(The above prices are for references only, it is subjected to change without notice.)

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Package Feature:



We apply the latest web design concept in our services of making a professional website for you. The reaponsive content management system (CMS) is friendly to phone visitors, thereby leaving good impression on them. Besides, the webpage statistics will help you know better about your customers. For more details, please feel free to call, and we wil try our best to create an satifactory and functional website for you。

***The above packages includes 1-year free cloud hosting and 1-month Google advertising for your website.***

 Referent Client: PCCW Global

 (852) 2515 8102

Codesweb Online Store Building

Combining with our Canadian office’s E-Commerce web design experiences, we build a secured, multi-functional robust online stores for you in a timely manner.

Online Store Feature:

Referent Client: Vigour Health & Beauty

In the above plans, you can add or delete products convenicently in our CMS, other functions such as product image magnification, SEO input, and responsive webpages and included. Clients can easily shop on your website thanks to our repsonsive design. The CMS provdies site statistics for your better understanding of your customers and help you gain more business. To know more, please feel free to call and we are here to help you make a satisfactory and functional website.

If you need a brochure, please contact us directly. 

Quality Combinations:

Entry Plan

(Includes Product Catalog, Product Details, Shopping Cart, Product Image Zooming, Product Ordering and Social Sharing to Social Media etc. )

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Popular Plan

(Includes Product Catalog, Product Details, Shopping Cart, Product Image Zooming, Product Ordering, Social Sharing to Social Media, Online Discount Promotion, Customer Login, Online Payment and Customer Review etc. )

Extra 8% Off for Online Marketing Packages!

Sophisticated Plan

(Includes Product Catalog, Product Details, Shopping Cart, Product Image Zooming, Product Ordering, Social Sharing to Social Media, Online Discount Promotion, Customer Login, Online Payment, Customer Review, Online Related Product Recommendation, Live Chat and POS Data Sync etc. )

Extra 10% Off for Online Marketing Packages!

  (852) 2515 8102

Benefits of Codesweb

Better CIC (Communication, Interaction and Conversion)

  • Site Statistics Reports to Improve of Your Site Performance
  • Smooth User Experience Design
  • Embedded Web Functions such as Blog, Forum, Instant Message, Direct Mail, Videos and Social Networking Sites, etc., to Enhance Communication with Customers
  • SEO Which Help Attract More Visitors
  • CMS to Update Content at Anytime
  • Use Our One-stop Search Engine Marketing(SEM) Service to Drive More Business

Good Security

Friendly Corporate Image

  • Custom to Your Business
  • Better User Interface Design
  • Responsive Site

Codesweb Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Web Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a long-term branding strategy to improve your corporate image. Our marketers and content editors constantly help improve your website content and make sure they are fresh, quality and relevant to your customers. Good SEO improves your website ranking in organic searching.


Paid-Per-Click (PPC Advertisement)

Allow your business to advertise on Google, Yahoo and Bing, Baidu, plus a large number of affiliated sites. Unlike traditional print advertising, PPC advertising you only pay when someone clicks on your ads to visit your website and you will be able to monitor your ad performance from data constantly.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is Google's main advertising platform. Regardless of your company nature or size, if you want to advertise on Google, you have to use this platform. Qualicom helps SMEs gain high return with least cost. Google keyword search network and display network ads help SMEs to acquire new customers. Besides, through dynamic advertising, your promotions and product information can reach your target customers effectively to achieve maximum ROI.

Google Analytics

Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and a high-quality website are indispensable in developing your online business. Experiences told us that if there is a clear content-rich website, you will be able to get the best advertising results through Google Adwords. However, without Google Analytics’ data, it is difficult for you to understand your website’s performance. For example, you might not know which page content is not attractive enough; how many people purchase in your website; or which product is the most popular in your website. Thus, we use Google Analytics to help you understand your customers and provide better service.

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