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Our Retail Solution, Retailarc, provides practical and mature IT solutions to retailers of various sizes in various industries. Retailarc is a member of Qualicom RetailManagement Systems family.

     Retailarc POS - Qualicom Retail Management System
What is Retailarc POS

A powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable retail management system that integrates retail functionality for the storefront and the back office.

Retailarc Systems for You

■        Restaurant POS

Delivers centralized control and management of restaurant chains.

■        Retail POS

Brings the power of enterprise retail management to you at an affordable price.

Retailarc Reports

Retailarc provides more than 30 reports of different categories to offer a 360-degree view of your business. The data are real-time updated. Its user-friendly interface enables you easily sort and generate different reports. You can also export the report data in Excel or PDF format to your other systems.

You will gain from Retailarc:
  • Access to real-time store information anywhere, anytime through the computers, ipads or mobile phones.
  • Effective store management which maximizes your profit and increases your customer satisfaction.
  • Streamlined point of sale and store operations.
  • Improved inventory management efficiency.
  • Customized POS apps or software.

     ■ Retailarc Catering Ipad App Version (Includes Ordering and Billing Functions)

Download Files

 Catering POS-Leaflet

 35 Reports Leaflet


      ■ Retail POS Interface(Includes Sales, Inventory, Membership Management and Reports, etc.)                    

Catering POS

Retail POS

        Retail Mobile POS

Retailarc Feature Highlights:
  • Easy-to-use POS system
  • Centralized payment gateway
  • Real-time store sales information
  • Offline operation and synchronization
  • Centralized inventory management
  • Support for serialized products
  • Comprehensive operation analysis and reporting
  • Fail-safe system back-up (unlike ASP-based retail offerings)

One-Stop Retailarc POS Packages



  Best For

  Economic Combination


  • Retailarc Software (Web-based, App)

  • Hardware (Computers, Phablets)

      Basic Set

  • Barcode Scanner

  • Thermal Receipt Printer

  • Cash Drawer


  Mobile Combination

  Small Stores

  Innovative Combination

  Stylish Stores

  E.g.: Fashion, Accessories

  High-Performance Combination

  Large Stores

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