Qualicom Innovations (Asia) Limited

TELUS Mobility

Project Name:

TELUS Retail POS Revamp Project


2002-Present (Major Revamp: 2002-2005)




TELUS Mobility provides more than 93% the Canadian population wireless voice, Internet and data services with its networks: PCS and Mike. After its acquisition of two large telecoms, TELUS planned ahead for a more aggressive expansion by 2007. But it needed to build a robust and integrated retail POS system first.

Client Needs:

TELUS wanted to address the following issues in order to achieve significant increase on store efficiency:

  • Reducing the data input workload for staff.
  • Getting more accurate inventory information.
  • Easier training for 5000+ staff.
  • Monitoring 140+ stores’ performance in an easier way.
Project Goals:
  • Automating all store process, using clearly defined workflows to ensure consistency in staff training and ease of use through an intuitive POS design.
  • Incorporating other existing business channel applications in the store environment.
  • Build a POS framework capable of plugging in web applications to integrate different payment options such as cash, credit or debit cards.
Solution Description:

Qualicom customized a retail management system (RMS) which met all TELUS’ requirements:

  • The RMS POS terminal adopted a simple workflow screen which is easy for its staff to learn.
  • Automatically sync real-time data between the POS and SAP systems.
  • Flexible transaction management in POS terminals or back office.
  • Generating reports for analyzing each store performance.

The RMS was an innovation of technology to solve the real-world business problems and helped TELUS pursuit its ultimate goal.

Benefits to the Client:
  • A reliable and innovative POS system to support TELUS’ retail expansion.
  • Save time in staff training thanks to new streamlined business processes.
  • Double-digits sales growth due to effective data communication within company in terms of transactions, inventory and etc.
  • Increased staff and customers’ satisfaction level
  • TELUS Mobility has won 2005 CIPA Silver Award of Excellence in the Efficiency and Operational Improvements.