Qualicom Innovations (Asia) Limited
Project Name:

Samaritan Fund Re-engineering Project




Government- Healthcare and Social Welfare


A web-based fund management system to streamline the medical fund operations of the Samaritan Fund Office of Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HKHA). The system supports physician referrals, financial assessments, application approvals, fund checking, billing and reimbursement, and post-approval checking.

The Major user groups include officers of Samaritan Fund Office, Chief Pharmacist’s Office, HKHA, and Social Welfare Departments.

While the system covers drug applications, it was also designed to cater non-drugs items.

Client Needs:

Samaritan Funds wanted to address the following business process issues in order to improve user efficiency and effectiveness:

  • Lack of workflow within and between user roles.
  • Inconsistent business processes.
  • Lack of data quality.
  • Duplication of work effort.
  • Overly complex fund checking.
  • Data residing in different systems, making data analysis difficult.
Project Goals:
  • Resolve the issues identified above.
  • Provide a flexible platform for tackling future needs and changes.
  • Deliver the following items:
    • User security controls.
    • Ability to handle multiple fund subsidies.
    • Integration and interfaces with other HA systems and Oracle ERP system that had incompatible data mappings.
    • A data repository for inquiries and standard and ad hoc reports.
    • Oracle ERP Account Payable and General Ledger.
Solution Description:

Qualicom developed the following applications:

  • A replacement for the Donation Fund Management System, which was phased out in stages throughout the project.
  • Interfaces to the pharmacy management, product tracking and tracing, fee collection, patient billing and revenue collection, and Oracle ERP Accounts Payable and General Ledger systems.

The system was built on Oracle Discoverer Plus and Discoverer Viewer to make the recorded results easier to transfer to Excel for archiving. A series of recovery strategies were implemented to ensure that any instance, media, node, or site failures could be dealt with swiftly and accurately.

Benefits to the Client:
  • A reliable, multi-functional web application  supporting various business processes.
  • Streamlined business processes and enhanced user efficiency.
  • Improved communication between stakeholders.
  • New bookkeeping software to record applicable information easily and store it in an efficient manner for future reference.