Qualicom Innovations (Asia) Limited
Project Name:

Mobile Workforce & Operational Support (MWOS) Revamp


2008 -2012

(MAQA and FP 2008 – 2009)
(CI 2009 – 2012)


Public Utility


Replaced the existing MWOS system with an advanced and proven solution.

Client Needs:

The existing MWOS system at HEC was reaching the end of its useful life; its old technology was insufficient for today’s high speed requirements. To increase efficiency, a number of component systems needed upgrading. The success of this project was crucial to the business continuity of the mobile workforce and operational support at HEC.

Project Goals:
  • Improved customer service.
  • Reduced operating and IT costs through business process efficiencies.
Solution Description:

Qualicom deployed a team including business analysts, system analysts, usability specialists, and application architects to assist HEC in gathering and analyzing the requirements for the component systems being upgraded. We subsequently helped to define the technical architecture for, and implementing, these systems.

Project Results:

The new MWOS system is faster and more reliable than the previous system. Its upgraded component systems enable support to be handled more smoothly than before, allowing them to run at peak potential.

Specific functionality included:

  • Scheduling and performing onsite meter audits and quality assurance jobs for site staff.
  • Scheduling and performing at HEC substations regular fire protection tests with HEC staff and external contractors.
  • Scheduling and performing onsite the inspection and metering activities of site staff.