Qualicom Innovations (Asia) Limited
Project Name:

Left Luggage Facility Management System (LLFMS) Implementation Project






Upgraded Guardforce’s LLFMS current system to be faster and more flexible, and added features  to make the system easier to use.

Client Needs:

The convergence of several factors led to the need to upgrade Guardforce’s luggage centre system. Traffic at Hong Kong International Airport was experiencing significant growth. The complexity of the existing system made it difficult to implement a more flexible and dynamic pricing scheme. And Guardforce needed to issue management and service reports more frequently. The client wanted to ensure the best possible service through this upgrade.

Project Goals:
  • More frequent reports
  • Better handling of special cases such as unclaimed luggage
  • Shorter queue times
  • A more flexible pricing scheme
  • Additional payment options
  • Ability to handle increased data flows
  • Improved internal operations
Solution Description:

Guardforce’s secure system was complex, but we were able to balance the changes without tampering with the security of the system. 

Benefits to the Client:
  • A more flexible system than before, but with the same level of security.
  • Ability to make on-site price changes.
  • Improved management support, including more frequent status reports.
  • More flexible payment options, delivering more convenient service for customers.
  • Improved affordability,Better performance.
  • Enhanced ease of use.